Susan Holbert has been indexing since 1980. She has worked for numerous government agencies, publishing companies, and business and technology firms. She has created a very popular Indexing video. She helped design an Indexing Software Program. She has served on the Board of Directors of two professional associations. Her publications, workshops, and presentations are too numerous to mention here. She specializes in user manuals and on-line help as well as financial and business books. More about Susan Holbert

Pierce Butler has been indexing since 1983. He has a Masters in Engineering and six years experience as an engineer and engineering professor. He received a Masters in Education from Harvard University and has been teaching college English for twelve years. He is the author of a literature textbook. He specializes in indexing math, science, engineering, and computer books as well as English handbooks.

Additional indexers are hired as needed, enabling large projects to be completed efficiently and consistently.

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